Friday, May 22, 2015

Back On Track

I have been such a completely unsure person in the past few years, unclear of what to do whether to agree or not, to go or not, or, to do or not. As much as I hate it when a person is constantly changing his or her mind, now I hate myself even more for being one of them. This time, I want to be certain and definite in making decision as I do not want to be such a complete asshole and "way klaro (unclear)."

By that, I am going to start by this post. One year ago, I left my blogger to Tumblr. Since, I already have a Tumblr account I just customized it to a fashion blog, for the reason that this blog is about fashion, etc. I am not really good at sticking in one category like keeping it clean and organized, so what I did in my Tumblr account what just posting random things. Now, I'm going to revive this blog and turn it not just into a fashion blog but a diary-ish kind of blog. Hopefully, this is going to be my starting point at being a confident and definite kind of person.

PS: I cannot wait to share my journey though :)

Saturday, May 10, 2014

On our third day in Baguio, we went to watch a dance competition since my dancemate Mike, was one of the judges and the two of his friends Josh and Kyle from J-NewOne Kru. There, I met most of the JN1K's members. While watching the dance competition there was this group who presented for like 3 times because of the dumb music, if I am not mistaken the name of the group was Hoy Pinoy! That gained so many fans, aside from that they were the champion. After the dance competition there was a battle just for fun, my dancemates battled with the JN1K haha, it was sooo fun!
With Kyle Cayabyab from J-NewOne Kru, he is very kind and cute too :)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Endearing Outside

Many of my friends, well most of my friends were shocked when they saw me in my short hair. I got the same compliment from them saying "Short hair looks good on you. You don't look evil (maldita) , you look kind and warmhearted. Don't let it grow haha" Other says, when people look at me, they cannot identify whether I am a rebel/punk or not because of my cute hair haha. Besides, it's just my hair, but I am still that evil looking shorty boyish who plays volleyball, soccer, guitar, etc.

Anyhow, I went to have lunch and snacks with my theresian friends Roneth and Bar, I got to meet Bar's special friend from Manila who is half Filipino and half Iranian. Basically, we got to meet bar after lunch. Roneth and I had our lunch at Harbour City, afterwards at McDo, then we had our snacks at Casa Verde with Bar and her special friend.